sagada – how to get there and where to stay

In places on December 18, 2010 at 4:17 pm

there are actually many routes to sagada, but we decided to the one via baguio because i couldn’t take the thought of being on the road very long. so we drove up to baguio, spent the night, and early the next morning caught the bus

the bus station is beside center mall, along magsaysay ave almost right beside st louis university. tickets are at P220 per person per way and the buses leave every hour starting 6:30am. it’s fairly efficient getting this bus – you get seat numbers and everything when you buy your ticket.

just make sure you won’t have any big urge to pee on the road. there are only 2 stops, one is rather dinky and the other is far far dinkier. if you must, pee at the first stop.

the bus ride is 6 hours, climbing up the mountains the entire way. but the scenery is beautiful and the sense of isolation rather magnificent.

upon the suggestion of camille’s brother, we stayed at the rock inn. from the moment we made our reservations, we knew it was the right place. the owners (it’s a family place) are very friendly and helpful and the communication was excellent. i was even more impressed by the communication when i realized how hard it is to get a steady cellphone signal.

the rock inn sits in an orange farm

it’s about half an hour walk from the center of town, but when you book you get 2 free shuttle trips. suggest you use those to get to the inn when you arrive and get back to town when you leave. in between, walk. it’s a beautiful walk.

we stayed in a room with a queen bed and a single bed, which cost P1,500/night. the room was very spacious, the bathroom too – and there’s running hot water. very clean. a steal at that price. the surroundings are so quiet but that’s part of what we loved. the only thing is some of the walls and floors are a bit thin so if you have noisy neighbors, you’ll hear them.

there’s a 9pm curfew in sagada so you can’t stay out late. but the inn has a restaurant with fairly good food (subject of another post)

or you can always just hang out by their dap-ay

which you may have to because sagada gets cold. baguio is warm compared to sagada. which, again, we liked.

we’ll have more about food and the town – but for this first post, we do want to say that sagada is a must-visit. and rock inn is an ideal place to live.


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