crystal jade – chinese food in filipino-chinese neighborhoods part 3

In eating in manila on December 13, 2010 at 9:49 pm

we were already thinking of trying crystal jade xiao long bao at v-mall, so when a friend from singapore mentioned the good food, that kinda hastened the process. on the way to the restaurant, we were actually browsing other blogs to get an idea of the menu. we were excited to see hot and sour soup (spicy and sour soup on their menu) and so we started with that

this is P150 and is good for 4-5 chinese soup bowls. so good enough for 2, stretchable to 3 people. the flavors of the soup were all very nice, but not strong enough – at least not what i was expecting for spicy and sour. for the meal we had, it was ok because the soup didn’t dominate any other flavor. but overall i think it needed a bit more oomph.

next we had the salted duck

this dish was a shade under P200 and was exactly what it said it was – slivers of salty duck meat. but it had nice clean tastes and was a nice, light way to proceed.

next up, the restaurant’s specialty – xiao long bao (under P100 for 5 pieces)

xiao long bao is basically a meat dumpling with soup in it, so that when you put it in your mouth, a burst of liquid comes out in a torrent of flavor. so yes, each of these dumplings is bite size. it is tasty, and even if  not spectacularly so, i think the technique of getting the soup in there and keeping everything delicate and whole at all is fairly amazing. definitely worth a try. and for fun, you can watch the dumpling dudes through glass.

we then tried the eggplant and pork in a claypot (P250)

now this dish we loved. the pork was almost all fat giving the dish a beautiful thick texture. it’s a bit on the sweet side, but packed with taste. recommended.

after that richness, we went with a very light dessert. longan with snow fungus (P98)

now this i really want to know. does “snow fungus” sound yummy when translated to chinese? this dessert was nice – light and very refreshing – but i can’t help but think there must be a more palatable way of saying fungus.

the table next to us was having peking duck and so we’re now plotting who to bring to crystal jade so we can try that out. all in all we had a dining experience we think others should have. crystal jade in hong kong, after all, gets a michelin mention.

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