the little store on the hill – chinese food in filipino-chinese neighborhoods part 2

In eating in manila on December 8, 2010 at 11:57 am

we had an appointment in greenhills in the afternoon so decided to have lunch at the little store on the hill. turns out, it really is a little store packed with lots of goodies, primarily chinese treats

but to the side of the store is a little nook that sells cooked food and a few tables. their specialty is the lumpia – which is basically what we went there to try

at P90, it isn’t particularly cheap – but this thing is packed with ingredients. one for lunch is enough. and on the table there is lots of fresh garlic, perfect to top the lumpia with. a little bite of fantastic goodness.

we also had crab cake

this had a squid ball texture to it. so not really real crab flakes or anything like that… but tasty enough.

we also had pork ribs – the kind that’s usually served as dimsum

this was also quite good. tender and moist. went well with the lumpia, to add some fat into the mix.

all in all our bill came out to around P300, so this place isn’t too pricey. but i suppose pricey enough for something that isn’t a restaurant. but the lumpia, yes, that’s all worth it.


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