ylaya in banawe – chinese food in filipino-chinese neighborhoods part 1

In eating in manila on December 5, 2010 at 2:44 pm

we were in the area of mayon-banawe to pick up some tennis balls and planned to have a chinese lunch. the idea was basically just to stop where we could find parking. that ended up being ylaya – which is actually a few meters from the corner of banawe and retiro.

we figured the best way to go was to order the waitress’s recommendations and so we had lumpia (P60)

i love chinese lumpia with the strong wansoy flavors and this was a very toothsome sample. it wasn’t overly filled making it light enough to eat with other food. so we did.

next up, soy tofu

fried tofu soaking in a light soy mixture. can’t go wrong with a dish like this. very healthy, very tasty.

we also had sate noodles

good ol’ kikiam

and… siomai

the siomai was actually a revelation because it was much lighter than the ones usually found in, say, food stalls.

not a meal that blew us away, but everything very tasty. i can’t remember the prices of each dish, but the total bill came out to around P500 – so very reasonable. fair enough to look for this place when you’re in the area, or waiting around having your car fixed.

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