kebab factory at burgos circle, the fort

In eating in manila on December 1, 2010 at 11:56 am

haven’t really explored the eating places near the office, but camille had been mentioning kebab factory and so when we found it just a couple of blocks from where i work, we had to give it a try. first of all, the burgos circle area is very pleasant. the roads and pavements are wide and there is a decent enough variety of places to eat ranging from a more rugged type of cuisine like kebabs to french food and wine in bordeaux.

we were starving when we got to kebab factory and ordered quite  a bit starting with potato tikki (P150)

an indian croquette served with an onion-tomato relish on the side. i loved this – it was a burst of flavor (a lot of the usual indian tastes – cumin and tumeric) and the texture was great, crisp on the outside and soft inside. and the relish, the perfect accompaniment – don’t eat the potato balls alone.

we had bread. roti and nan. the nan was not the way i like it. it was too doughy. the roti though was pretty good and came with a little cup of curry dip.

we also ordered lamb kebabs (P280 for 2 sticks). the waiter asked if we wanted one or two skewers. two of course!

one bite and i had to say “yum!” it was very juicy and tasty with just enough lambi-ness to be delicious on the grill.

we tried their coriander chicken (P275)

this is why food shouldn’t be a certain shade of green. i know it’s coriander, but it was so shockingly green it was off-putting for a while. the taste though was fine. the chicken was a bit dry, but nothing major.

one more dish. the vegetable curry (P280)

this wasn’t too good. didn’t have the zing i want from a curry. seems they had the right ingredients, but couldn’t elevate.

as can be seen, we walked out of this meal very very full. there were some hits and misses. the only thing though that may have been really worth the money was the potato dish and maybe the lamb. everything else was rather expensive and much better indian can be had at a place like new bombay. but still, it’s nice to know this is just around the corner.


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