uno in quezon city, a big hole in the wall

In eating in manila on November 8, 2010 at 11:27 pm

we wanted to go out for dinner a number of fridays ago, but were not willing to face the makati, fort, and ortigas crowds. solution – tomas morato. still one of quezon city’s most interesting restaurant strips. we took a look online and found that uno had a rather interesting menu so off we went (early to avoid the crazy crowds).

the atmosphere of uno is that of a hole in the wall type of place. quiet and cozy. no frills. oh, and you have to pay in cash. the only difference is that this restaurant is bigger than your average hole in the wall.

we ordered the duck breast with cranberry and citrus sauce (P600++)

this was very very tasty. good contrasts in flavors. the taste much brighter than the photo reveals. not the biggest of portions, but not too tiny either.

we also had the penne with vegetables in a mild curry sauce (P300++)

the flavors of this were a revelation. very subtle, but very well-rounded. a very good dish.

like any boutique restaurant, uno was a little on the pricey side. and not being able to use a credit card was a drawback. but we will go back, if only because their menu is really that interesting and the food that good.


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