tamaraw beach resort. a great beach trip in september

In places on November 4, 2010 at 6:10 pm

so this is a couple of months late. but that’s ok, right?

desperate to see the sea, we decided to do a quick weekend at the beach. on a budget, galera is still one of the best options from manila so we booked a cottage at tamaraw beach resort. in the off-season, a cottage with 2 double beds goes for P2,000/night. not bad at all

the cottages were spacious and clean with a good-sized bathroom. there was a heater but it didn’t work. that didn’t really matter though, being on the beach. if 4 people were to stay in this cottage, that would only be P500/head. a great deal.

the beach front itself was very pleasant

i’m sure this great beach scene had a lot to do with the fact that it was september and there was almost nobody there. but still, the water was cool and crystal clear – perfectly swimmable.

tamaraw beach resort is a few huge boulders away from white beach (where it’s best to go and eat), but we decided to do tricycles. a bit expensive at P100 per ride. but still much safer.

i can’t guess how different this will all look when summer comes around. but for that quick sea trip, it was perfect.


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