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ramen bar – do one thing and do it excellently

In eating in manila on November 12, 2010 at 8:37 am

knew about ramen bar since the day it opened, but only got to go the other day – largely because i was afraid of the mad crowds in eastwood. we ended up going on a saturday at 3pm when everything was still relatively quiet and ramen bar was empty.

we decided on 2 bowls of ramen. one was the spicy karaage – spicy broth topped with fried chicken (P280)

i loved the broth in this one. spicy but not overwhelming, enough to fully flavor the noodles and the chicken.

the other bowl we had was RBS #1 (P380), a bestseller according to the waitress. this one was loaded with stuff – the reason for the bestseller part i assume

in here was soft boiled egg, a whole bunch of pork slices, mushrooms, and some fish cake (like those squid bally ones). loaded. but quite manageable for one person.

i commented though that the number of toppings doesn’t really matter because the beauty of the dishes lies in the broth.

not yet quite full, we decided to order some gyoza, steamed (P150)

one bite and camille exclaimed “best gyoza ever!” i have to agree. it was light and delectable. perfect textures and flavors. the sort of thing i wish there were more of.

the restaurant is the perfect example of having a tight, clean menu and executing everything on it perfectly – rather than having too many items and risking some being mediocre. the attention to detail in ramen bar is so, well, so japanese. even down to their spoons which are designed to not slip into the bowl.

at P280-380/bowl, ramen bar is certainly not cheap. the servings aren’t even that huge that they’re automatically for sharing. but the overall experience is a good one and definitely worth trying many many times.

uno in quezon city, a big hole in the wall

In eating in manila on November 8, 2010 at 11:27 pm

we wanted to go out for dinner a number of fridays ago, but were not willing to face the makati, fort, and ortigas crowds. solution – tomas morato. still one of quezon city’s most interesting restaurant strips. we took a look online and found that uno had a rather interesting menu so off we went (early to avoid the crazy crowds).

the atmosphere of uno is that of a hole in the wall type of place. quiet and cozy. no frills. oh, and you have to pay in cash. the only difference is that this restaurant is bigger than your average hole in the wall.

we ordered the duck breast with cranberry and citrus sauce (P600++)

this was very very tasty. good contrasts in flavors. the taste much brighter than the photo reveals. not the biggest of portions, but not too tiny either.

we also had the penne with vegetables in a mild curry sauce (P300++)

the flavors of this were a revelation. very subtle, but very well-rounded. a very good dish.

like any boutique restaurant, uno was a little on the pricey side. and not being able to use a credit card was a drawback. but we will go back, if only because their menu is really that interesting and the food that good.

tamaraw beach resort. a great beach trip in september

In places on November 4, 2010 at 6:10 pm

so this is a couple of months late. but that’s ok, right?

desperate to see the sea, we decided to do a quick weekend at the beach. on a budget, galera is still one of the best options from manila so we booked a cottage at tamaraw beach resort. in the off-season, a cottage with 2 double beds goes for P2,000/night. not bad at all

the cottages were spacious and clean with a good-sized bathroom. there was a heater but it didn’t work. that didn’t really matter though, being on the beach. if 4 people were to stay in this cottage, that would only be P500/head. a great deal.

the beach front itself was very pleasant

i’m sure this great beach scene had a lot to do with the fact that it was september and there was almost nobody there. but still, the water was cool and crystal clear – perfectly swimmable.

tamaraw beach resort is a few huge boulders away from white beach (where it’s best to go and eat), but we decided to do tricycles. a bit expensive at P100 per ride. but still much safer.

i can’t guess how different this will all look when summer comes around. but for that quick sea trip, it was perfect.