jatujak, the thai food tour continues

In eating in manila on October 10, 2010 at 11:40 am

finding ourselves starving in megamall, we decided to check out jatujak – a thai restaurant located right across toy kingdom. the choice was made primarily so that we could compare it with the other thai places we’ve tried and written about.

jatujak claims thai iced tea as its specialty and so we definitely went with that (P80)

taste-wise, it’s no different from the other thai teas we’ve had. the main difference with this one is that they blended the tea with ice so it has a somewhat slushie effect. not bad, quite good, but nothing remarkable.

for food, we had the fresh spring rolls

i’m generally a fan of this sort of spring roll –  fresh veggies with herbs wrapped in this delicate rice paper. so i’ll enjoy it in any variation. this one was also satisfying. again, not great. and maybe towards the bottom the rice paper was a bit thickly rolled.

we also had the pad thai

again a satisfying dish. it had a good number of shrimp in it to make it not just a noodle dish. the taste was what you would expect of a solid pad thai.

we spend about P500 for the whole meal. and it was filling, and tasted good. just not great. jatujak is a good option if you’re looking for decent thai food, but certainly not a restaurant to seek out.

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