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C’s italian restaurant in angeles city

In places on October 24, 2010 at 9:49 pm

needed to go on a drive and pampanga seemed a logical choice. first, i’m from angeles and, second, i’d been hearing about this place called C’s which is famous for its italian food, primarily this apparently funky pizza contest.

C’s is right outside clark. if you are in clark, take the exit to friendship highway then turn left. C’s is about a couple of hundred meters to the right.

so, to munch on while waiting – complimentary bread and pesto in olive oil

we ordered the panizza – of course. we went with the primavera which had anchovies and mushrooms and artichokes (P595). each order of panizza comes with a bowl of arugula and alfalfa.

notice how the pizza is very thin and cut into strips. the idea is to take a strip, lay down some leaves, then roll and eat

first, this is very very good. the pizza alone was quite tasty and i really appreciate the technique that went into making the crust that thin. the added flavors of arugula and alfalfa brought in a nice fresh dimension and texture. very yummy experience. perhaps a little pricey at P595 (more for other pizza toppings), but the novelty of rolling makes it ok at least the first time around.

we also had a pasta. penne with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, and roasted garlic (P350)

also an excellently flavored dish. rich and balanced. the serving wasn’t particularly hefty so i’m not sure about that price tag, but as far as the food itself, there was nothing to complain about.

i’d certainly like to go back to C’s and try their other dishes. maybe there’s no need to do the panizza again, but there are a lot of interesting items on their menu that, even if a bit expensive, will surely be delicious.

balkan express in san juan – a good start

In eating in manila on October 21, 2010 at 11:18 am

as manila becomes more cosmopolitan, it’s just right that there be a place serving food from eastern europe. and while the balkan express doesn’t really have a wide spectrum of dishes as yet, it is a good enough start.

the most familiar dish on the menu was goulash (P230), so we had that

a hungarian beef stew with lots of paprika. pasta optional – but the balkan express version has. the broth was quite tasty and it is a very filling meal. my only comment was it may have helped if the meat were pre-seasoned and more tender. it was a little disappointing to go through that very flavorful broth only to encounter these hunks of meat that were not as tasty.

we also had the cevapcici (P180)

this was like a grilled chicken sausage. it was served burger-style in a bun with fries on the side. what i really appreciated about this dish was the onion relish on top of the chicken. that was perfectly zesty.

last dish was balkanski kebab which was grilled chicken wrapped in bacon – a dish hailing from serbia. it seems that the realization that bacon will make anything good is universal

this dish was also very tasty – with bacon wrapped around grilled chicken how could it not. but rather overpriced at P330.

in general i actually did feel the place is overpriced. these are not complex dishes. but they serve as an interesting peek as to what may constitute eastern european cuisine. they had on their menu a dish of pig knuckles that i saw featured on anthony bourdain’s no reservations in prague. it’s on special order for P1,400.

i will think of returning once this menu has been greatly expanded. it is a good start, but right now that’s all it is…

jatujak, the thai food tour continues

In eating in manila on October 10, 2010 at 11:40 am

finding ourselves starving in megamall, we decided to check out jatujak – a thai restaurant located right across toy kingdom. the choice was made primarily so that we could compare it with the other thai places we’ve tried and written about.

jatujak claims thai iced tea as its specialty and so we definitely went with that (P80)

taste-wise, it’s no different from the other thai teas we’ve had. the main difference with this one is that they blended the tea with ice so it has a somewhat slushie effect. not bad, quite good, but nothing remarkable.

for food, we had the fresh spring rolls

i’m generally a fan of this sort of spring roll – ¬†fresh veggies with herbs wrapped in this delicate rice paper. so i’ll enjoy it in any variation. this one was also satisfying. again, not great. and maybe towards the bottom the rice paper was a bit thickly rolled.

we also had the pad thai

again a satisfying dish. it had a good number of shrimp in it to make it not just a noodle dish. the taste was what you would expect of a solid pad thai.

we spend about P500 for the whole meal. and it was filling, and tasted good. just not great. jatujak is a good option if you’re looking for decent thai food, but certainly not a restaurant to seek out.

ristras. worth a shot, at least once

In eating in manila on October 3, 2010 at 4:11 pm

in the greenhills area and needing a very full meal, we wound up in ristras – one of those much-talked about places, this one serving mexican food.

the concept is rather straightforward. menu above the counter – a choice from recognizable dishes: tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chimichanga, etc. on the counter lies a selection of rice and beans, meats and condiments.

we ordered one quesadilla with the beef that was shredded. on the side was served salsa and guacamole.

we also had a steak fajita (of course i had steak) which came with chorizo rice, beans, guacamole, and salsa.

it was all very tasty. nothing to complain about actually. hefty servings, full condiments. all in all a very good meal. i just have to wonder though if it’s worth the P350 0r so you have to pay per dish. somehow i think it isn’t. true, the portions are big – but i was able to get through mine, so for P350, it isn’t even a sharing portion. final call – good, but too expensive.

but i really did appreciate the margarita (P165 for the spiked version)

it was flavorful and didn’t seem watered down – not usual in many restaurants. and it was the perfect drink to wash the whole thing down. not sure if i’m coming back again. for that price, it’s actually more worth it to make my own mexican meal… but if i do, i will try the selection of mexican beers they have. that seems enticing