a classic ruins dinner

In places on September 12, 2010 at 6:29 pm

people who eat at cafe by the ruins a lot probably have their staple dishes. this dinner was all about ours.

for starters, forest stream soup (a bit over P100)

this is full of shiitake mushrooms and watercress in a strong ginger broth. perfect for the cool weather and i swear i feel healthier just by eating it.

next was fried kesong puti salad (around P150)

unlike the pino version, this has nice big hunks of cheese. and this makes it so much better

after this we had the ruins pasta which is spaghetti with fish roe in a cream sauce

this was my first time to try this dish and i found it very interesting. a meatless carbonara of sorts. the roe, and we feel there were anchovies in here, served as the equivalent of bacon – the salting agent. so instead of a smoky meaty flavor, it was a smoky ocean flavor. very nice.

my own favorite is the long life tofu pouches (P180)

this dish is done with shiitake mushrooms cooked in a ginger glaze and then stuffed into tofu pockets. a really old favorite. it was off the menu for a while, but even during that time the waiters assured me i could still order it. but now it’s back and is certainly a must-try.

the whole meal was washed down with ruins herb tea

i’m not entirely sure what goes into this pot of tea, but i know there’s lemongrass and ginger in there. and it’s very very good, especially with the honey. that heavy black pot in the photo is pretty new and seems to contain a lot of tea as we kept pouring and pouring and it never ran out.

we did manage to finish everything and were incredibly stuffed. good thing it was an early dinner. it was all healthy and all very very tasty and obviously the reasons why we keep coming back to this restaurant.

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