never in ruins. a breakfast post first

In places on September 11, 2010 at 2:01 pm

i’m not a breakfast person. the only time i ever eat a real breakfast is when i’m on vacation. and some of the best breakfasts are in baguio. what’s not to like? the air is chilly – appetite stimulating – the pace is easy. and the food… awesome.

our first breakfast was at cafe by the ruins and i was determined to have their bacon, which they smoke themselves. the best way to do that? farmer’s feast (or some other item on the menu with the word farmer in there). as with all the breakfast specials, it begins with a cup of fruit. you may notice that there aren’t any strawberries in that cup. they really weren’t in season. but during the summer and closer to christmas, strawberries would definitely be in there.

i usually don’t do fruit cups, but i was ready for the whole thing and the fruit did make a good intro to this

now this is what it’s about. that bacon is some of the best ever. it’s not the thin crispy kind – but really more of a farm bacon. thick and smoky. if i’m not mistaken, the people at the ruins smoke it themselves.

we also had a mushroom omelet

we had kamote bread with it instead of pandesal, and on the far end of the dish is herbed cheese, a perfect complement. all in all we spent a little over P500 – but this was for a meal that lasted us through most the day.

cafe by the ruins really has their way of doing the hearty breakfast and a trip to


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