breakfast at the hill station, casa vallejo

In places on September 9, 2010 at 7:43 pm

each time i’d go to baguio, i’d walk past the old casa vallejo. it was falling apart, dark and dank and looked really creepy. but i knew it had a rich history and so i really wasn’t much surprised that somebody thought of reviving it. the next time i saw it, it did look very different – it was white and spruced up and there were a whole lot of cars parked around it. so i made sure that when in baguio again, i would peep.

a couple of weeks ago, we went to casa vallejo for breakfast. it was a good time of day to go – hill station, the hotel restaurant, has huge bay windows that reveal a great view… one of the few places in the heart of the city that still looked like the baguio of old. and with the exception of narrow corridors, the architecture of the rest of the hotel is also very charming with symmetrical staircases and all.

back to breakfast. being a longganisa fan, i ordered the baguio longganisa and a cup of hot chocolate

this was very nice. i’m pretty sure the egg was native – had a different color and flavor to it. quite pleasant. the cucumber relish was very pleasant and refreshing.

camille had bacon and egg and we ran into a couple of service snags with that one. she asked for it with toasted bread and it came to our table with rice. so she asked to change the rice to toast and it came back with the egg quite toasted. ah well.

but regardless, it was a very pleasant breakfast and fairly reasonably priced (we paid close to P400 for everything) and the next time dinner is in order.


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