the second (and much better) thai place: Thuk Thai at the rockwell center in ortigas

In eating in manila on September 2, 2010 at 3:16 pm

i first ate at thuk thai when it was just this little hole in the wall (quite literally). joanna took me there years ago and while i hadn’t been in a while, i always had fond memories of the food. and so on a recent trip to ortigas, i got really excited when i saw a tarp on meralco avenue that said thuk thai was now open at the rockwell center (the complex beside medical city – right after the hospital if you’re heading to ortigas ave).

it was a rainy day and we were starving. first up, tom yum goong (but of course!)

the serving is good for about 3 people and just scooping through it i immediately saw it had a fair quantity of mushroom and shrimp that made it well worth the P300+ it cost. on the first sip camille declared it to be the best she’s had and i do think she’s right. it was spicy and bursting with flavor. i like the tom yum of soms too, but thuk thai’s is less sweet and quite spicier which is a good thing.

we also had chicken with cashews in chili oil (a little under P200)

a very simple stir fry dish. straightforward in flavor but very satisfying.

we also had a green vegetable curry (a little over P200)

of all the dishes, this was perhaps the least satisfying. not that it wasn’t good, but maybe it lacked a certain zing especially after coming from that tom yum.

as beverages we had thai iced tea (which is a milk tea) and lemongrass tea

the lemongrass was mine, and while it was ok, i’m definitely having the milk tea the next time. and there will certainly be a next time, and soon i hope. we already know what to order

  1. Thai cuisine is in vogue again; it’s like there’s a new Thai restaurant opening every week! And, oh, that milk tea looks good…

  2. Thank you so much for dining at Thuk Thai! Please check us out on Facebook and “LIKE” us if you do. 😀

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