pino along malingap street. a place i never thought i’d see in teachers village

In eating in manila on August 26, 2010 at 3:40 pm

this was a long overdue meal at pino. yet another of those places i’ve been hearing about – non-rugged dining in teachers village. who would’ve thought this day would come? so to find the place, go down maginhawa street until you hit bayantel, then make a right (that’s malingap st) and you’ll see pino on your right soon after that turn.

the place is cozy, with a few tables and ample parking. the menu well-designed. we decided to go with the kesong puti salad which had quail egg, fried white cheese and crushed peanuts. it was good. solidly good. not fantastic, but worth having again.

the we went for the tofu balls stuffed with cheese

i love the concept. i just feel they used the wrong kind of cheese and too much of it. it tasted like regular block cheddar cheese and i feel a milder kind would have worked better to help bring the tofu flavor out and not totally drown it.

then tofu stack-o with bagnet and mushroom rice, aka tokwa’t baboy

obviously, plus points for presentation. but in the end it was just tokwa’t baboy and i felt the dish to be rather overpriced. the main saving grace was the rice. very savory, earthy – a perfect way to tie up the other elements.

i forgot to note prices but all in all the meal came out to somewhere between P600-700. overall, the value could have been better – like this meal would maybe be in the 500-600 range – but no complaints really. i’m just happy to have a restaurant like this in the area.

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