you jie xiao chao – a secret chinese restaurant in makati

In eating in manila on August 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm

now many people talk about secret restaurants – meaning places that are holes-in-the-wall serving up good food. this is one of them. except maybe it’s a little more secret than others because there really is no indication it’s there. like… none, unless you count crozz cutz (or is it cozt cut) beauty parlor. so to get to this restaurant, go down estrella heading towards the pasig river. when you see a sign that says “this way to guadalupe barangay hall” or something like that, turn right then take the first left (should be camia street). you’ll see the parlor and to its right is a row of apartments with glass doors. the leftmost apartment is what you want

the only way you’ll know the name of the restaurant is because it’s printed on the menu. and a very interesting menu it is. the speciality is hunan cuisine, which should be on the spicier side of things. we ordered duck hot pot

it struck me as a stew that had been recooked and therefore dried out. camille mentioned that an adobo thing was going on and that’s definitely in here. the vinegar and soy tastes were palpable. there were bay leaves. there was also another spice which i identified as star anise but am not sure. the interesting thing here was the sili which was roasted then added to the dish whole.

we also had spicy cabbage

this was very good. being a cabbage person, i’m inclined to like it, but really it’s a very tasty dish and looks very simple to prepare – cabbage sauteed in something that is oyster sauce-ish.

and the perfect beverage to wash this all down

tsingtao beer is on the thin side. not the sort of thing i’d recommend if you wanted to go drinking with your buddies. but perfect for food.

all in all the meal cost P660. The duck was around P400 and the cabbage a little under P200. maybe not the sort of prices expected from such a nondescript place, but definitely worth the price. excited to go back


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