on the road from tagaytay, fried itik (duck)

In places on August 21, 2010 at 4:19 pm

we headed down to manila early afternoon and were really not in the mood for a heavy lunch. we figured we’d just eat in the alabang area and then just have something light. that was, until we saw this

the sign stood out along the highway, and the duck in the picture looked pretty good. so after a quick discussion (which brought us a couple of kilometers further down the road), we decided to try it and we turned around.

it’s a simple turo-turo place and they had other things, but we had a mission and so we ordered one duck. didn’t take long before they served it

and it was good. well, the skin wasn’t really crispy – but it had enough meat on it and it was well-seasoned. for a little under P200 for a whole bird it’s hard to complain about anything. the sauce in the little plastic container was like a gravy, but then they gave us others like vinegar with sili and – what went best with the duck – calamansi and chili sauce, the kind they serve with dimsum.

you should try this if you’re on your way to or from tagaytay – a good roadside dining experience.

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