tagaytay weekend part 2 – the food

In places on August 20, 2010 at 10:49 pm

we got to tagaytay in the afternoon so our first meal was dinner –  an early dinner at T House. for starters we had the signature salad

most of the components were regular salad ingredients, but what made this truly interesting was their use of dried mango. good sweetness and texture. main courses were spiced grilled chicken and roast rack of ribs

the chicken wasn’t bad. well, the meat itself was on the dry side, but the flavors were very nice. the rib though was incredibly salty. for a price of something like P400 per dish, overpriced. but what saved dinner was the herb butter – that was very nice.

so, yes, suggest have dinner elswehere – but make sure you have breakfast at T House. they do get bed and breakfast right in that they have really good breakfasts. i had one of the best mushroom omelets ever – they use 3 kinds of mushrooms. it’s a hefty dish but the flavor combinations were enough to keep the dish from being tiresome. very toothsome, a must try.

and, of course, a classic breakfast combination: eggs, bacon, hash browns, and fruit

how can one go wrong with that?

breakfast at T House is definitely a must. check out their menu online, they certainly know how to start a day.


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