Thouse in tagaytay, getting the bed and breakfast concept right

In places on August 19, 2010 at 10:06 am

another incredibly overdue post.

last month we spent a weekend in tagaytay. all we needed really was a place to sleep and have nice food and instantly T House came to mind. i remember when it was still being built and then completed and it struck me as a really peaceful place. that impression hasn’t changed.

this is the area where the front desk is located

and the walk which serves as the path leading to the rooms

they also have a spa, which they did from the beginning – but this was the first time i had seen the relatively new outdoor spa. here’s the entrance

the whole place really has a zen garden feel to it which makes it an ideal spot for a quick weekend away from it all. the staff is also quite efficient. the only thing that was a slight snag was the doors. they have sliding doors which can be a challenge to lock, but hey trifles. all in all, a great place to be

they charge P4,600/night which includes breakfast for 2. and their breakfasts can be quite good. next post, food.

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