boracay food – beachside grills

In places on August 4, 2010 at 11:46 am

this post is long overdue.

i was in boracay (for the very first time) last month for a convention. most of the time we had hotel food, but for the last dinner there i insisted we try one of those places by the beach that grill things. i actually can’t remember the name of the particular place we went to, but looking at other similar establishments, it seemed like the prices were pretty standard and i can’t imagine how wide a range of tastes and flavors there would be – so this is gonna be a non-restaurant specific post.

the way it works is you choose what you want cooked and then they’ll take care of it. these places keep a wide array of food on ice – from pork and chicken to different kinds of fish, squid, prawns and… the thing that enticed me to do this in the first place… lobster.

we had a lobster, 2 prawns each (they were huge), squid, and pork belly. after choosing, on to the grill they went

notice how meaty the lobster was and how the fat reached all the way to the tip of its head. served with a lemon, butter, and garlic sauce it was a good treat. my only concern was it was slightly over-grilled. if you’re the type to be really particular, best hover over the grill and tell them to pull it out when you want.

while waiting for our food we were seated on the beach, sand between our toes. i could hear the surf and would now and then just walk over to enjoy the sound and the smell. it was a very good evening.

all in all we paid around P1,000/head for this meal (the lobster easily accounting close to half of this). not the cheapest of dinners, but given that it’s not easy to find such hefty lobsters elsewhere and the whole beach ambience, it was well worth it.


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