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chef farah’s escargots a la bourguignonne

In eating in manila on June 26, 2010 at 4:36 pm

i was going through some food and wine blogs when i came across a post that raved about a private dinner catered by chef farah tolentino ylagan. not only was the food review excellent, it also gave a link to a site in which one could get treats prepared by chef farah – in particular, escargot and foie.

i decided to try the escargot first. not sure why exactly, but i just pictured myself one lazy weekend eating escargot with a bottle of wine. so i scoured the net and got the correct mobile number and url. now, everybody, note this carefully. the url is and the number is 09189264671. and those, blog readers, will be 2 of the most important bits of information i will ever share.

so i texted the number and had an extremely pleasant text exchange through which i ordered a solo pack of escargot (P800 for a dozen). i picked it up a few days later and could barely contain my excitement

vacuum-sealed. a good sign of freshness.

i got myself a bottle of marquis de caceres rioja rosado to go with this treat, and it was with much eagerness i baked those little babies. i baked for 10-15 minutes with my oven set to 1 (sorry, i have no idea how this translates to actual degrees). basically i waited for the butter to sizzle, and this is what i got

it is said that if you want to see if a chef is really good, go order the simplest thing. escargots a la bourguignonne is actually a very simple thing: snails with butter, garlic, shallots and parsley. and through this i have learned that chef farah is indeed a kitchen master. the flavor blend was transcendent, and the snails? amazingly tender. couldn’t ask for a better escargot experience.

i don’t however, suggest that you gobble up these things in rapid succession as i did. the butter is rich and you can taste it. which is why the rioja rosado was a perfect balance. so while i probably won’t have too many in a row, i am certain i will be having these again. and, oh, foie, here i ┬ácome.

crave burger – don’t bother

In eating in manila on June 17, 2010 at 4:33 pm

a branch of crave burger opened a few kilometers from where i live. actually i pass it everyday to and from work and so i decided to check it out.

went with my favorite toppings: bacon, cheese, and caramelized onions.

i should’ve figured i was in trouble when i saw them cooking the burgers on a regular flat griddle. but then i thought – give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe everything is really well-seasoned. well, it wasn’t. it was fried ground beef. the bacon was soggy and it was maple bacon, which would have been fine if it didn’t taste too maple-y. the onions seemed to be caramelized in cheap margarine.

all in all, a bad burger. one place i’m totally ignoring from now on.