really yummy sansrival by rosanna

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2010 at 9:43 am

last week, some family friends came over for lunch and they were kind enough to bring dessert – sansrival, one of my and my family’s favorites.

i finished my meal quickly and happily cut a slice of desert. once the knife went in, i knew i was onto something good. the sansrival was perfectly crisp and the knife went through easily. forgetting my fork (and my manners) i picked up a layer of the sansrival and popped it into my mouth. fantastic! just the right amount of crisp and thinness – and also just the right amount of butter. not too much, but enough to give a rich, creamy flavor.

and the best part is, this little chunk of heaven is available about a kilometer from where i live. the baker is somewhere in la vista, qc. i don’t know the price though – felt it was impolite to ask the people who brought it. but you can call rosanna and ask – the numbers are 929-3873; 09209521874

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