MC’s MAE – very small, hidden merienda gem

In eating in manila on March 7, 2010 at 2:30 pm

after  a few months in miriam, i found myself needing food at around 4pm. one of my students suggested i try the 3rd floor – where the mae (miriam adult education) center is located.

so off i went and found myself in front of a small canteen-like counter with 3 pots. to its side was a huge jug of gulaman and to the other side was a glass container housing lumpia, puto, kutsinta, and pichi pichi. out of one of the pots i saw being scooped my favorite – pancit palabok. so i immediately ordered that and a packet of zesto juice:

i paid P100 and was amazed at how much change came back to me. turns out the pancit – that whole plateful – was only P16 and an additional P10 for the zesto. and i’m telling you, this is the best palabok i have ever tasted. ever. hands down. it’s spicy and you can really chew on egg and chicharon bits. for P16 it’s ridiculously cheap.

so from then on, i vowed to eat at that place whenever i could. my latest merienda there was goto (yes, again with zesto):

not surprisingly, i enjoyed this a lot. there were really chunks of tripe, and even litid which i totally love. nicely spiced. and again for P16 a bowl.

they don’t really have an amazingly wide selection, but it does change everyday. and i don’t mind them repeating the choices – only means i can have palabok more often.


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