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really yummy sansrival by rosanna

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2010 at 9:43 am

last week, some family friends came over for lunch and they were kind enough to bring dessert – sansrival, one of my and my family’s favorites.

i finished my meal quickly and happily cut a slice of desert. once the knife went in, i knew i was onto something good. the sansrival was perfectly crisp and the knife went through easily. forgetting my fork (and my manners) i picked up a layer of the sansrival and popped it into my mouth. fantastic! just the right amount of crisp and thinness – and also just the right amount of butter. not too much, but enough to give a rich, creamy flavor.

and the best part is, this little chunk of heaven is available about a kilometer from where i live. the baker is somewhere in la vista, qc. i don’t know the price though – felt it was impolite to ask the people who brought it. but you can call rosanna and ask – the numbers are 929-3873; 09209521874

sunday lunch: burgers and fries

In good home eating on March 15, 2010 at 7:09 pm

inspired by a couple of cooking shows, i decided to try my hand at burgers and fries for lunch. well, mostly the burgers and condiments. the fries were done by our cook – who really does excellent, crispy fries.

so to start – the beef patties: got a couple of kilos of ground sirloin – with the fat, please. and into that we added garlic, bacon, salt and pepper. knowing that everyone would want bacon in their burgers, we just went ahead and added them in. for binder we had egg and shredded bread. my sis-in-law told me that this is better than bread crumbs as it creates air pockets which make for moister, fluffier burgers. after a day of marinating, the burgers hit the grill

for the main condiment, i made honey onions. which basically means the transformation of a pot of onions

to this

and that is as simple as can be. heat olive oil in a pot and throw in some white onions. add more olive oil to make sure each sliver of onion has oil on it. you’re caramelizing, so you can’t leave any onion piece out. season with salt and pepper. just let the onions sit, don’t fuss. after 10 minutes, add enough honey to make sure each sliver of onion gets a little honey. then stir a little and let it sit again until the onions get soft. then you’re ready to serve. this can be served cool, so you can plate it last.

now off to the fries. make sure they’re dry as a desert. really really dry. then toss them with some corn starch then fry deep in oil. we don’t have a fryer so a wok would have to suffice. believe me, these will come out crispy

the main thing to remember is that your fries have to swim in oil and not saute. and once they’re out of the pan, sprinkle with salt. now back to the burgers. on their last flip, we added some cheddar cheese

put all together, i swear this meal put all burger fastfood joints to shame

MC’s MAE – very small, hidden merienda gem

In eating in manila on March 7, 2010 at 2:30 pm

after  a few months in miriam, i found myself needing food at around 4pm. one of my students suggested i try the 3rd floor – where the mae (miriam adult education) center is located.

so off i went and found myself in front of a small canteen-like counter with 3 pots. to its side was a huge jug of gulaman and to the other side was a glass container housing lumpia, puto, kutsinta, and pichi pichi. out of one of the pots i saw being scooped my favorite – pancit palabok. so i immediately ordered that and a packet of zesto juice:

i paid P100 and was amazed at how much change came back to me. turns out the pancit – that whole plateful – was only P16 and an additional P10 for the zesto. and i’m telling you, this is the best palabok i have ever tasted. ever. hands down. it’s spicy and you can really chew on egg and chicharon bits. for P16 it’s ridiculously cheap.

so from then on, i vowed to eat at that place whenever i could. my latest merienda there was goto (yes, again with zesto):

not surprisingly, i enjoyed this a lot. there were really chunks of tripe, and even litid which i totally love. nicely spiced. and again for P16 a bowl.

they don’t really have an amazingly wide selection, but it does change everyday. and i don’t mind them repeating the choices – only means i can have palabok more often.