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green papaya with gata (coconut milk)

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i had a really great lunch – just one dish. green papaya with gata

very very simple. just sautee ginger and a bit of garlic, then add the “unang piga”  – the milk you get from the initial squeezing of the coconut meat. then add the green papaya and some daing (fish cured in salt). and when the papaya is almost tender add the “kakang gata” or the second squeeze from the coconut meat. season with salt and pepper of course and you’re good to go.

this dish is soooo good. and sensationally healthy and inexpensive. my advice though is you don’t need to eat the actual daing – it may not really match with the rest of the stuff, but put it in there for the flavor and aroma – makes a world of difference

chicken stuffed with sticky rice, sausage, and mushroom

In good home eating, recipes on November 23, 2009 at 5:28 pm

sunday lunch was at my brother’s house and my sis-in-law prepared a dish i really really like – as the title says: chicken stuffed with sticky rice, sausage and mushroom.

for the stuffing, just mixed together cooked sticky rice (malagkit), chinese sausauge – although i’m sure this will also be excellent with spanish chorizo, or even filipino longganisa – and mushrooms. this time she used shitake. but i’m sure the dish can take something earthier like the portabello. season it with some oyster sauce, salt and pepper and it’s good to go.

as for the chicken, just season it with salt and pepper – put the rice mixture in the cavity and dump into the oven until cooked.


so while a lot of it does go inside the chicken, i must admit i like the stuffing so much i had seconds that lunch – just the stuffing.

quick recipe: cucumber and tofu salad

In good home eating, recipes on November 7, 2009 at 7:47 pm

i can’t say when regular posting will resume, but here’s something we had at home recently that would make a good side dish with many things you yourselves will be serving.

first, slice up some cucumber into small cubes – keep the skin on. then cube some tofu and boil that.

for the dressing, mix up 2 parts sesame oil, one part white vinegar, a dash of sugar and salt.

toss in the tofu and cucumber and then sprinkle some sesame seeds on it.

trust me, this is good stuff