two good things about teazann

In eating in manila on October 19, 2009 at 10:37 pm

right around the corner from where i work is a restaurant called teazann (along valero st near the corner of sedeno, makati). according to them they do mostly asian fusion food. and it’s not a bad descriptor – their menu does contain a hodge podge of things.

i’m not wild about their food though. once i tried pasta with sausage and balsamic vinegar and almost choked with the heaviness of the vinegar. but there is this one dish that my dining companions there would usually order and i finally decided to try it. beef satay noodles.


the name of the dish pretty  much says it all. it’s a noodle soup, the broth tastes much like satay and there are little chunks of beef that taste like they have been cooked in the satay sauce. the real charm of this dish is the way the satay is blended with curry giving the dish a nice round spice. at P255, i do wish it were a little less expensive, but for a little treat now and then it isn’t bad.

the other good thing about teazann is their chocolate cake – nothing spectacular, but a good solid reliable cake. but get it whole – it tends to be dry if you order by the slice.

  1. I have never been to Teazann, but I am a sucker for satay-flavored noodle soups and the one you described looks so nice!

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