noodle soup, pancit macau, whatever it’s called

In good home eating, recipes on October 14, 2009 at 6:06 pm

another rainy day, came home with wet feet. the bottom hems of my jeans were also wet and i hate that. but as i walked through the door my mood considerably brightened: i saw our cook pouring hot soup into a serving bowl. it smelled great – and when i peeked into the bowl i saw noodles, quail eggs, some chicken, and chicharon bits.


asked what it was called, our cook said pancit macau. i have no idea if that is really it’s name or something she just thought off the top of her head. but regardless of name, it’s really good and this is how you make it: boil chicken, salt the broth a bit then take out the chicken and chop the meat. add oyster sauce to the broth (add cornstarch too if you want it really thick), canton noodles, boiled quail eggs, crushed chicharon, and the chopped chicken. season with salt and pepper and serve.

good, quick, rainy day happiness

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