an american inspired home cooked lunch

In good home eating, recipes on September 13, 2009 at 6:12 pm

this sunday’s family lunch was on me. i volunteered to cook almost everything and was waiting for the outcome before deciding if it was worth blogging about or not. fortunately, it was.

on the menu: barbecued chicken (thigh and leg), salsa, and a warm corn salad.

spent yesterday evening making the barbecue sauce for the chicken

first i roasted garlic, chopped finely, then set it aside. in a pot i then put in an onion and let it sit until it was all soft and sweet, then threw in the garlic. when their smells fused, i put in a pack of del monte tomato ketchup.

to that mixture i put in worcestershire sauce – not too much. for a cup of ketchup, maybe a couple tablespoons. also added a tablespoon of A1 steak sauce (love it), fresh ground pepper, salt, and about half a cup of brown sugar.

so this morning, the chicken had a great soak in that marinade then hit the grill all the while being brushed with this mixture. we kept on basting throughout, ensuring the chicken was moist and tender off the grill


then the corn salad. for this i started by roasting bell peppers on the grill. peeled them and sliced them. then i threw in a couple of slices of bacon in a pan, added some button mushrooms and the roasted peppers. then i put in sweet corn, salt and pepper, and then topped this with kesong puti


then the salsa. it was just regular tomatoes and onions and cilantro – but what i did to make the spice more subtle, was i crushed a sili labuyo with the salt and that’s the salt i used in the salsa.

with all of these we opened a bottle of homenaje blanco which is viura with a bit of chardonnay – given i was in front of the stove and grill the whole morning, i enjoyed having a cold white. given time, i’ll certainly put together a meal like this again


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